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The Value of Nightmares

An eye, very like this, seen first in the film “Spiral Staircase”, used to wake me to sitting in terror.  The eye (through a hole) filled the screen prior to each murder of women in boarding house, each with a different disability. Later in life while enjoying/enduring a psychotic episode, I reassured myself by believing there is always someone watching over me. Or Someone.

Another series of nightmares had me in a lift/elevator shaft, jumping from side to side above the lift, grabbing onto wrought iron walls,  my parents in pursuit as the lift rose up and down, but never squashing me. Have read this as no matter how high or low the bipolar takes me, I am safe from being crushed. Rising above and outside the moving box.

For me, the most valuable nightmare is/was the one that came true in real life as I followed my dreams on waking.  I use it now to reassure myself that I am on track – the dirt running track in the following poem – and with the cheering from friends responding to David Collins-Rivera review of MIXED FORTUNES as posted on tumblr (see below) leads me to the comfort that I am on the final stretch. (For how this worked out in real life one would have to read “Life Before Lithium” on Smashwords. ) Now I am applying it to my writing life.

A witch used to chase me

through a three dimensioned maze

always found an opening

but not the way out

before the maze disappeared

and the witch

turned into a tribe of gypsies

in full cry behind me

as I sped

from village hall

up the main road

between disused railway tracks

to the field

where pig-lilies grew.

Up the bank

across the recreation ground

up clay-slip slope

and stony path

dirt running track

gravel road

pine trees

by gate of school

to disappear.


But one night,

the night they went


I made it.

Fell into the arms

of the waiting headmaster

deafened by the cheering school

the witch and the gypsies

demons of my night

let me sleep



Dream: President elect

Judge not on what is SAID, but on what is DONE.

Woke this morning having had a conversation with in a dream with Donald Trump. I “told” him we have much in common. He raised his eyebrows. then I mentioned the IQ# told me by a friend who had a friend at the hospital where my IQ was tested. What we could have in common is that we are both considered to be mad by many people OR (and?) brilliant?

Fact is,  people are persuaded by EMOTION, not argument however rational the discussion.  What he has done in unleashing emotion in all is to show the world the depths of hate from within to those purporting to be ‘left’ ‘liberals’.

I am not upset or disgusted by this election. It brought to mind the performance of an earlier Acting Chairman of SANTOS. Alex Carmichael earned a reputation of getting things done after throwing a fruity/fruities at management meetings. Also reminded of how an american owned firm in Adelaide was (back in the 80’s) required by their Head Office to sack one third of their staff every three months. First tranche got rid of the dead wood, the second cleaned it up but the third time round had the Adelaide manager nervous about his job unless he unfairly sacked many.

Rationality is the product of coming to terms with the outcome of emotional actions.

So far, we are not yet able to judge Donald Trump without a full awareness of the differences between what he says and what he does. A panelist on last night’s Q&A supports him, citing his real bebaviour in appointing women to high office within his organisation/s.

What I really want to know is “What will Malcolm do” if Trump decides those interned on Manus and Nauru are too damaged for the US Health system to cope with. I really hope that Trump forces Malcolm to do what should have been done in the first place – bring them on-shore, process them here and let them get on with a future.

From the Guardian