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Saga of the Cycles – and I Don’t Mean Bi-polar

It was only 12 days ago I told my doctor I planned on buying myself a bicycle – all the better to return home from the gym after a workout and swim. Shock and polite horror elicited a promise to try one out at SA cycles before committing to a purchase. Did that and wibbled wobbled to a frightening extent, but on reflection thought it might be the shape of the bike. All that leaning forward instead of sitting upright. But then went on to test a trike; found as long as I sat up straight and did not use weight to steer, all seemed okay. Luckily my bank balance was as good as empty so unable to take any action. Just as well. A friend posted a comment to an earlier post, sharing a relative’s experience with a trike, which I took on board. Do not touch. Do not go there. Waste of money.

Then in my letterbox came a flyer for a gym situated just around the corner from home. Ten free days until the end of the year. So, would I need transport home after a workout?

The gym http://www.yourworldfitness.com.au/ is splendidly equipped and the staff very helpful. At the end of free session, a special offer of $199 for three months looks good. BUT the water area is a deep warm spa next to a freezing cold tub – neither of which I could see myself using for a full hydrotherapy session – taking care of ancient hips and knees. After the three month special, the fee rocketed which would have been OUCH.

Went to a bike shop in Hindmarsh Square hoping to test out my balancing, but the sit-up shape I fancied was not in stock. Back home and Googled, Found these guys out on Main North Road. Plan was to bus there and check out my balance. Double checked my bank balance first and LO and BEHOLD my UK part-pension has been paid in already. Tried a couple of bikes for size and chose a smaller one for it seemed more comfortable as I whizzed around their parking/testing area. Yippedy doodah. Selected a helmet, front and rear baskets, pump and had to backtrack on the security chain and pay cash for a short-term cheapie as that which remained in my account is so close to zero…but worth the intake of breath as I will be able to go the distance to https://all-opening-hours.com.au/01865395/Fitness_on_Flinders – but will have to go in daylight  and wait on the purchase of lights rather than rely on reflectors. Whole range of temptations now open to me and that is the one thing I cannot resist. Once I have lights, I could emulate this morning’s routine – stopped arguing with myself at 3:30am, booted the computer, straight into the novel, completing one scene and well into the next; then around the corner at 5:30 to be the first client and played around with various upper body workout machines. Good sweat, on with a cardigan walked back home and a very early breakfast, bit more writing, news on TV while waiting to check out the final bike shop.


Took the side roads from Main North Road, down into Walkerville then into North Adelaide and wishing I had read the manual regarding gears and pushed from near the Uni to North Terrace, down Pulteney to Pirie, Pirie over King Willaim into Waymouth then turn the corner into the garage. Found a park to lock bike to then struggled to relocate the rear basket a bit more to the rear. A few wibbly wobbles on the way but nothing much and for a first go for some time am really pleased with myself. Don’t think I frightened too many motorists.

(Trying to recall the last time I rode a bike. Must have been when doing the swim and bike leg of a half marathon when living in Norseman.  Fifteen years?)

Thanks Darryl, for putting the bike together

ensuring I was ship-shape

and ready to go.