Poet Progressing to Prose

Myself My Own Worst Enemy

Rode the bike to and from the shop to have the seat permanently fixed in height and swivel. Nerve wracking going there as seat changed height three times and direction once.

Next morning, thinking myself AOK, went shopping and when dragging full trolley  home my right calf seized up as if cramped, but now think more like calf muscle end of Achilles tendon. Slow and painful walk for a couple of hundred metres. Seemed longer.

Did I listen? Did I heck. Arrived home to find a note in my letterbox advising a parcel could be collected after mid-day. Thirty minutes very slow walk there and another back with new keyboard – assisting vision – collected.  then googled and spend the evening with hot water bottles, full and frozen under calf.  Fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off. Took myself to bed at some ungodly early hour so have been awake since two this morning. Sat out on the patio, under cover of upstairs balcony and enjoyed the cooling air as the rain started down. Radio (headphones on) said it was going to get worse and there were still a couple of things needed at the shop. So, down to my storage area and resurrected this.

Just as I had been planning on lending it to a friend in need! Got soaking wet despite jacket, but I love walking in the rain – but to be able to prance instead of plod would have been better. All this at a time when my gym subscription has started to be directly deducted. Idiot, idiot, idiot.

I suppose I could get on with the Book? Sigh. Coffee and more rain watching first, methinks.

If you have been patient enough to put up with my moaning – thank you – and may you have a great weekend wherever and whomsoever you are.