Isabel Storey 1969

My long term aim is to have the best of my work floating around beyond my lifetime.

Encouraging this conceit are a couple of events which lead me to believe I have something worth sharing. One of my poems was bracketed between Donne’s “Ecstasy” and Blake’s “Tyger” by Patrick Wymark from the stage of the Old Vic. The BBC purchased 7 poems to be used within “PlaySchool” (at the time I was Isabel Reeves). I have 2 non-fiction works which have provided positive feedback from viewers.

I have no illusions. My work, so far, does not have any appeal for a wide audience. Add to this, my eagerness to publish before I had sufficient appreciation of the publishing and marketing side of putting one’s books ‘out there’. (I am working on this.)


If you have any connection with the effects of asbestos, you may want to read “The Whens of Wittenoom.”

If you, or anyone close to you, has their life turned upside down due to the manic episodes inherent in bi-polar disorder, you may want to try reading “Life Before Lithium.” Hard copies had been provided for review and the response was that it was a page turner and that folk were not able to put it down until sleep overtook at 3am. The publisher to whom I sent this MS was embarrassed by the need to advise that the reader appointed to assess my book had disappeared and taken the manuscript with her!


MIXED FORTUNES developed from THE TRUSTEES, my first attempt to recount the story of four generations of four families from within four cultures and in four countries.

REVIEWS include:

Rebecca: The Trustees is an awesome read, particularly Isabel’s writing style. Her use of words and accents are full of flavor that brings her story to life and will make you feel as if home is South of the Equator.

You will find each of her characters lovable, as you join them in their search for truth. She has away of sharing their private lives with just a few words that stir up their deepest emotions. You can’t help relating to each and every one of them, while wondering if there is some truth to these fictitious characters.

Journey into the lives of old families who possess both power and good fortune. More specifically the consequences of lost family heritage from the secret passions, wandering lust and lies from men of days past. Marvel at the web of secrets that creates a ripple effect carrying forward through time continuing through generations and across continents. Watch through the eyes of Peacock & Oates, Dumfries and their fiduciary relationship to long lost clients who they themselves know not the true identity of.

Every single sentence and letter takes you a little closer to the truth and at the end leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more. Especially of the Gypsies and the unspoken bond between women that serve to protect both the lies of men and the children they bore. Behind the secrets, hidden doors and buried treasures, it’s all there, waiting for you. You will be engrossed from start to finish.


I thought it was really good, very readable, I flew through it.

It is complex, especially in parts, and for a while there I was marvelling at your ability to pull it all together.

It was written with great surety and a deep sense for the message it was setting out to convey, which I felt was to do with fate and the acceptance of it, the complications of trying to ‘manage’ things (particularly greed), the inevitability of death, and the different ways by which people communicate. All of those things stated superficially here but conveyed with depth and contrast in the story.

Your style was quite unique too. .. Anyway, I thought it very well done, quite compelling, fast paced (an achievement given the complexity),enriched with repeated philosophical or learned insights which were compassionate and accepting and willing to defer to higher forces. I thought the use of the letters as a technique for conveying the information was clever in that it avoided a great deal of info-dump type back story, instead, converting the information into tantalising snippets that worked like the unravelling of a mystery. Very well done.