Poet Progressing to Prose

Short and Sweet

Getting Around

Now wanting to locate one of these to try out before committing to purchase. Affordable option on line and my brother willing to assemble, but we both have previous experience of these not being as easy to ride as one thinks. Many years ago – late 90’s – I bought one secondhand from a Salvos op-shop and concluded the frame must be a bit distorted – or something – as I kept steering into the gutter.

This is where I would really like to be at but have to accept those days are past.

Walk, gym, swim, walk! Overdoing.

exhaustedReaction from having a thorough session on the machines and then swimming until cramp says ‘stop’. Walking is 20 minutes there and

t w e n t y back. Plod, plod, plod.

Seriously considering buying a bicycle upon which I will make sure there is the necessary bell. Woke weary, done very little and looking forward to an early night.emjoy-thumbs-up

Gearing up to a New Routine

gym-1This is the first piece of equipment used within my routine- only 9kgs today; tried more but had sense to drop it back. two other pieces of equipment lifting up to 23 kgs and then some work with 3 and 4 kg dumbbells. (Trying now to recall the floor exercises I used to do in Port Lincoln.) Three rounds of 10 each then into the pool.

swimmingJoy of joys. A few hydrotherapy exercises for the ancient hips, then just potter in the pool until it became obvious the place would soon be very busy.

I am thinking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between two and four in the afternoon. Shopping on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last night I could not sleep until I had finished writing and finishing the current scene in the novel. This meant it was no longer a matter of giving into temptation – if I get into social media in the mornings, write before I go to sleep and also wake with a great idea and my thoughts steady and filled with the words and tune of “Birth of the Blues”.

Ah. All good. Now, this is where I think I could be asking how goes your day? But as I have no idea who is reading this, then I may well be talking to thin air or only to myself. I hope there are humans out there as this morning’s great idea would involve a level of interaction. Early days. Whatever. Have a great one.


Head All Over The Place

scatterbrainThis an apt description when waking this morning. Two clear dreams, each seemingly with a message to decode. Each line of thought leading to others, etc – you know how it goes. Still in bed and with each decision to think about what is on the agenda for the day producing yet another line of thought more and more notions. Maybe the best idea is to get out of bed and sleepwalk through the basic routine – open blinds, turn on computer, water in kettle, kettle on stove, bathroom and start thinking there?

I wonder how many also find being sat on that seat to be a moment of mental clarity? 

On with the day. Doctors, library, shopping, take cheque to eye specialist and consider whether time and energy enough to join the gym.

What are your first moves on waking?









The difference is down to Kathy’s visit and sorting through my disorganised wardrobe and being a dab hand with my hair styling wand.kathy-text01

Find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kathystylistpersonalshopper


That’s enough for one day!

Trialing Time Shift

steps-to-nowhereTo see where it takes me.  Evenings are usually spent laid back in recliner and nodding off in front of the television but now, with the end of year programming it is difficult to find anything worth watching yet another time. QI episodes now showing (again) were recorded in 2003.

Today has been a bit of a waste. Some shopping but Central Market closed on Mondays so early tomorrow morning will have me traipsing with my trolley and stocking the cupboards. Have a stylist visiting tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon to share her wisdom on what I need to do to my wardrobe to preclude being mistaken for a bag lady in the making.  Think my morning mood sufficiently cleared to go back to the novel for a few hundred words at least. Then to read a novel made available from within FB’s Scrivener Group. OMG That was a yawn. Best step outside and see if there is a breeze ….

A Quick Pat on the Back

Not lingering now. Only to share the effect of the new routine which2015-04-01-19-05-38 has produced 2,000 words today. I must do this more often. Feels good. Draining. Nap. Now back to reading a good book in the hope I am on the way to writing one.

Who is Doing the Rethinking? (ME)

colon-readyWell, not quite ready yet. Told my doctor that I had stated in here that I would tell her to think again. She accepted that and then allowed me the silence to think again myself as she wrote up some notes.  Including a prescription for iron tablets which was not needed when I went to the chemist; also picking up a new COPD puffer stuff.  Smart lady, my doctor. and I get a hug on leaving.

Am not going to linger here as I have a book which has kept me awake until after two this morning – and I have a meeting at the Writer’s Centre this morning – the one I had the dream about a couple of days ago. Settling back now for first coffee. And better check blood pressure. I bet underlying anxiety is going to have it through the roof. What are the symbols ???***!!! for BUGGER.

Testing the New Routine

habits By breaking it this morning. For the last three mornings I have been at this keyboard and typing in here first thing. This morning I read emails, Facebook, Google+, turned on the TV for news of the Japanese earthquake – came through my email from RT video so had to check it out in Australian main media. True.

Tried out a new (to me) word processing app – Zoho – which I can see some instances to use.

Other words, complete distraction as advised by so many gurus, but being a bit of a contrarian I just have to find out for myself. Now I know. Back here tomorrow – very first thing!