Found Feedback

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Posted on 9/09/2014 Hi Isabel Thanks for your book – I’m glad I entered that competition! I enjoyed your poems, almost all of which stirred the emotions, which is what they’re meant to do! Good blend of fun ones and those deep, darkish ones. My favourites? Knew you’d ask. I particularly liked […]


Salute to RogerMcGough

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https://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/Poem-Of-The-Week–Let-Me-Die-A-Youngmans-Death-By-Roger-McGough *** My poem Thank You, Roger McGough was among a small selection I submitted to the London Magazine  way back when. The editor called me in for an interview and told me he would publish the poem Meekatharra  if I would remove Roger’s name from the one I wrote to thank […]



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  I wonder if the man who sweeps the pavements clear of autumn leaving them winter neat and bare wishes he could knock down from the trees those undecided leaves holding onto summer?



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Once I had a lot to say until I learned what not to say in order not to give offence to avoid battering against the fence of deeply held belief. So it was with relief that I broke the habit and no longer grabbed at conversation.   Then I found […]

Short Stories

Gospel Beach

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Once upon a time, on a beach not far away, a man went fishing. He had a simple rod and a carefully baited hook. His family needed food and he knew that, out in the water, was a school  of fish. Most of the fish were of one family led […]

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Opening: Mixed Fortunes

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1865 “Are you hurt?” David hears a stranger’s voice ask as he feels a concerned hand on his left shoulder. Touching the back of his head, David is relieved to see there is no blood. Ruing the rising lump and a spreading ache he nods, turning to face the stranger, […]