Poet Progressing to Prose

When did I first decide to be a writer? Age 16.

open-pages My big mistake, at that time, was failing to understand I could have used imagination instead of venturing – adventuring – out into the world to gain the Life experiences I then believed were necessary. And, in a way, I was right in that I have very little imag(e)ination – in other words, I did not then – and now rarely – see images. Except in my dreaming and it is my Life experience that my dreams have a base or immediate link with my reality.

typewriterAt the age of 12, I wrote poetry.

Aged 18 an Annual Report of the local Junior Farmer’s was run as second lead in the regional newspaper.

At 28 I joined a Writer’s Group in Newton Abbot, Devon and also wrote the Village Notes for Abbotskerwell. Then I ran away to London and fell into writing poetry, presenting at live readings in between episodes of suicidal depression and manic psychosis.

More adventures, many of which I could have done without! However, I felt I had finally found the experiences I had earlier felt necessary to be a writer. Being brutally honest, what I really wanted was my interpretation of a writer’s lifestyle without having to actually write.

Now, fourteen years of lithium later, a few more upheavals until landing in a place, emotionally and physically, which leave me no alternative but to get on and finish current novel, plot the next and have a third sitting on the back burner. Trouble is, each will be different so I have NO idea how that will build up a following of readers. All I can do is please myself and live in the hope that some will enjoy this and others that.


Next Steps…

Head  on over to the “My Books” page where there may be something to your liking.

Or you may care to keep up with the works in progress? You are likely to have experiences I lack. I am always on the lookout to pick a brain or two (and more than willing to acknowledge). Checkout my ideas for further novels and let’s toss some ideas around.