Confluence of ideas today – 4th June – and I have presented to myself the bones of the next project. Timeframe from the present through to 2039 when I will or would be 100 years old. Fiction very much based in fact. At last I have an idea come to mind which will have me buried deep in research then projection into novel based on as real as I can get.

Previous exercises: fuelled mostly by anger triggered by insult, ignorance, idealism.

1989- 1994 Entering and time series analysis of all entries in Australian National Accounts 1968-1989. Plan was to put together a comedy on speed of components rushing through economy with the notion of dishing out speeding tickets and charges for obstruction on public highways.  An actuary had confirmed the measure I was using (VelocityOverDecade) was valid. Trouble was, by the time I had printed out the charts there was nothing funny and I am  not a serious economist.

1982-1990 – Biography set off by social worker managing a support group claimed I had ‘borrowed’ the experience of others and claimed as my own. Called both a liar and a thief set my keyboarding  fingers on fire.

1992 Angered by treatment of tourist by townsperson fingers flying and collecting facts about Wittenoom.

1994 May – Calling into Redress Press to find my MS (biography) had been given to a reader who had disappeared.  I passed the bundle of printouts from the Income Expenditure exercise to Eva Cox. Having slept in my ute overnight, I was pleased to accept offer of a shower and pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to find a $5 note had been stowed in my jacket pocket.

2000-2005 Entering into a single data base the owners of every lot within the township of Norseman, Western Australia from 1895- 2005 as entered in the annual Rates Books. This sprang from a visitor to the museum wondering if she could find the lot on which her father lived. Took me to the Shire Office for info about address and lot number; at the same time finding info on cemetery of which there was not (at that time) a searchable record. The Cemetery Project was satisfying to do and complete and led to lots of other good stuff. I created a CD containing the cemetery database.

Once I had all the lot number/street addresses entered with names of ratepayers, I was able to tie in occupations and war service records. That done I printed out the whole exercise and left arch lever folder with one of the cafes as that is where folk often sought information. Soon after I was (by some reluctantly) named Norseman’s Australian of the Year.

Embarrassed, time to move on.

Ricoh Image

2005 – 2010 housesitting, travel to UK 3 months for research for novel, research, research most of it not used other than to give me confidence I knew that of which I spoke. Published 2017 with semi-trance approval of my grandmother and old gypsy woman.

2016-2022 over-researched and overthought plot for novel now abandoned.  Plot for the taking 

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