Standing naked circled by sighted people.

5 mins read

Discombobulated was my first reaction to the realization I am/have aphantasia. The more I read the more I question some assertions such as “inability to imagine future hypothetical events in sensory detail.” For me, this is a major difference when approaching and dealing with life.¬†We do not indulge in fantasy. […]


No news

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I suppose is good news? Maintaining equal equilibrium – no downs, no excitements. Most activity retweeting tweets. Except for reading. Just posting to alert am alive?

Idle or cogitating?, Of interest?

Obsession Driven Energy

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Confluence of ideas today – 4th June – and I have presented to myself the bones of the next project. Timeframe from the present through to 2039 when I will or would be 100 years old. Fiction very much based in fact. At last I have an idea come to […]