“According to a little thing called the Australian Constitution, the Federal Election can be held no later than 21 May this year. That is less than two months away and yet we’ve not heard a peep as to the actual date of the thing.

Granted, the date is unlikely to be a surprise. Given it has to be held on a Saturday, at least 33 days after being called and will be chosen by the Prime Minister on a date that most benefits the ruling party, there are really only two dates on which it could be held
Either the May 14 or May 21 is all but guaranteed to be the date of the election.
To be fair, the government is under no obligation to announce an election until just over a month before it, but common courtesy and history suggest that it would be announced with at least a little more breathing room than April 18.”
From: When Will the 2022 Australian Federal Election Be Announced?