Money Plant – a week from purchase

Waffling on in compensation for a fortnight’s inactivity here. Okay – quality better than quantity, but give me a break. Am trying to cut waffle from my manuscript which is/will be an education which may flow through to creating posts here?

So much time, yet so little done! Especially since I cancelled my Facebook account which should allow more time in this world. But I am very good at reclining in front of the TV, catching up on programs recorded by Fetch. Also monitoring health such as BP in light of kidney function not being top notch – change of medication for osteoarthritis which could prove helpful. Wait and see. BUT I am getting into a routine of working on The Next Novel.

Reinstalled Windows 10, upgraded to Windows 11. Set screens for changing scenery when not working (editing) next novel.

South west corner. China Baby doll, bird of paradise (yet to flower), dwarf mandarin (showing firrst blossom about to burst today), tomatoes, sundry others



Two camellias – must split that fern when I find another pot.
two tree begonias and etc eras
Tree peony in front of two tree dahlias (one dwarf)
Three tomato plants


Found at Salvos Op Shop – perfect for Happy Plant

This long (because of the images) post is the first not to be shared via Facebook. Flinging out here for anyone who may be interested and would like to chat or email for future contact. I have to post SOMETHING so as not to waste hosting fees. 🙂

If you are reading this I most likely have your phone and/or email address – and you mine? If not, and you are interested enough to want to keep in touch, please leave a comment below. Inbetween times I will learn how better to lay out images. Enough frustration for one day.