While down a rabbit-hole of research triggered by a post in daily newsletter I found the following links

but first I shot off an email to the editor of a medical magazine and another editor asking “Does the Blood Bank know this?” My reason they should be aware in case someone thought it necessary to screen donors to avoid passing on tumour cells during the gift of giving to someone in need of the blood itself, but an exposure to cancer may not be welcome.

This came about the same time I uncovered reports of organ recipients developing the same form of cancer which had caused the donor’s death.

Circulating tumour cells

The blood test was also able to detect

results from a routine blood test 


I overloaded on the research for the now abandoned novel. While turning this post over in my mind, I  began to consider resurrecting the novel BUT splitting into separate stories instead of weaving them together. I will need to rescue the USB tucked within an archive box stored in my unit’s cage on the first level. Dusty and dirty from vehicle fumes.

I need to get over wondering how a writer blessed with a visual imagination would frame/write a story. Instead I should accept that appears to be my knack of eliciting the images I do not use words to describe. I am not sure how that works.


Post mentioning aphantasia

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