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Monthly Archive: May 2017

Calling for help, assistance, recommendations

Beginning to see a faint glow of light at the end of the tunnel – Big Book drawing closer to completion. Now part of my mind is turning to (a) title and (b) blurb then (c) cover.

I have had several working titles over the years as I have changed my mind back and back again as to whether to split into a series or go with what I have finally decided – one complete book – all the stories contained within one volume. “The Trustees” is now incorporated into the main text with much preceding events in that book (Smashwords) and following on with events up to 1965 which will mean covering 100 years for four families, four cultures, four countries and four generations.

Which of the following would grab your attention?

They Shoot Eagles/ The Three Shawls/ Mixed Fortunes / Trysts and Trusts/ Trust Triumphant

I would very much like to invite people who have ‘liked’ my Facebook page or are connected on Google+ to become beta readers before I finally send it off to Createspace or Ingram for publication. 

The feedback I would be hoping for is to tell me if I have left any character in the lurch and, if so, what more you would like to read about that character.

Also, if you can think of a better title I am all ears and open mind.

A pair of eagle eyes belong to Laurene in Norseman who has the happy knack of identifying typing and copy errors, so I would ask others not to fret about that level of detail but to share what they would recommend I include as ‘blurb’ on the back cover.

I prefer the sepia tone of the Trustees book cover and my author photograph – although very simple, I think it stands out from glossy highly coloured images. Also I would not know which of my classes of characters to include on a cover! So either a title in text/author name or an abstract design. I rather like the idea of the double-barred cross described many times within the book. I cannot find a copy of that image anywhere – google searches/museums/books on symbols – so would need someone with graphic skills for that.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted here. As with most of us, Life gets in the way!

PS I selected the hexagon image as it ties in with the complicated ways I plot my stories. Also, as the notion of a hex runs through much of the story.

If willing, please comment below.  Send an email if you would prefer to read through a shared file on Google Drive.  Current length is approx 108,000 words. Not asking that you read it ALL now (unless you want to) but enough to give you and idea of whether you feel you would like to read it when finally finished, blurbed and covered with apt design.

Your response will be most welcome.