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Monthly Archive: February 2017

Idling Until Ready to Shift Gears

Though very little posted here lately, the old brain box has been busy. Most active on waking with streams of ideas for posts, for conversations drifting from one topic to the next, but always coming back to the next stage of my novel.

Set in chronological order, written in present tense, each stage/scene/action is bounded within time and space. and am at a stage where I know where I want/need a character to travel in order to progress the story. Spending many moments on exploring the external and internal motivations driving him in the desired direction.

He is now 65 years of age and setting out on a journey which will take him to Cape Town, perhaps Durban and then onto Western Australia before returning to his home in Dumfries, Scotland. His wife is 16 years younger than he, they have two daughters the youngest being 17 years of age.

Am wondering whether to kill off his wife? Or discover the love of his life (his wife) has been unfaithful leading to the possibility the youngest daughter is not his. If I am ti kill her off, I will need to have her either become very ill; be involved as a victim in a fatal accident. Whatever, it has to be traumatic for him.

All suggestions welcome. 

It is not that I am not busy, just pondering over which thread to pick up and pull out onto a page. Looks as if I shall have to pick up one of my many sharpened pencils and tackle the problem on paper and see which flows more freely.

Unless you suggest something I have yet to consider? Which would you rather read?

So Much for Habits (new ones, that is)

The intention to keep posting faltered when I decided to take control of an unpleasant relationship. Since then I have been dealing with the aftermath which, I feel, included psychosomatasising the pain – back on the walker for a day or so, stiff talking with myself!
Since then motivation low, but on bike a few times for a swim at the gym. Then planned on new habit of writing X amount before treating myself to a trip to the pool. Am at a stage in The Book where is is necessary to get a good visual of the age differences between the characters who will play their part. This required a spreadsheet with years of birth and death and how that relates to the year in which the journey takes place. By the time I had done that, looked out the patio doors and found it was raining and didn’t fancy riding on wet road in mid-morning traffic. SO, out with the floor steamer and cleaned the apartment from corner to corner and rearranged this and that – have a thing about matching! Sweat streaming and glad I have bought a bottle of salt tablets. Worn out, everything spic and span and so tidy ex-husbands and children would find it difficult to believe.
Woke, head busy with long conversation I would like to have within an FB post, but would have been too long for that, so I think I will keep for a post here. However, second coffee and breakfast, streched on on recliner and not inclined to do anything when noise, noise, noise!
Was the first down into the foyer, nightdress and towelling robe and on my own long enough could have showered and  dressed and (if used) made u-p by the time anyone else arrived.

Firies everywhere, but turned out to be someone on my floor had been frying without using the extractor fan. Well, that got me out of sloth. Checking budget before going down to Bunnings for some pot plants? Will spending lift the mood?