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Daily Archive: December 1, 2016

Maintaining Health

2016-11-30-11-08-59Not only did I have my COPD measured (my lungs are 100 years of age), but the nurse asked about shingles – which I did have back in 2010 and lucky enough to see a doctor within the short time frame to be given treatment to halt the little beasties in their tracks. It seems shingles is now sufficiently common that the Government is funding/subsiding vaccinations. As my income level is only just above that of the unemployed, this vaccination came to me for free. Not sure what it would cost the younger and healthier, but really worth asking your doctor.

While I am at it –  If you are older than 55 check this out.amsler-grid Caught in time, things can improve.  Before the first injection I stank of fear!

But the regular injections are doable and very much worth the improvement.

Now booked for Dec 9th for a SeventyFive Plus year assessment which my new doctor runs as standard for her oldies.

Pool this morning and joining a gym this afternoon.  IF, and that is a very big IF, there is an Hereafter I will rock up stylishly dressed and as fit as the proverbial fiddle – which is what I should be doing with the novel. At this rate I will be reaching out om my coffin to scribe “The End”.

Keep fit, healthy and above all, cheerful.