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Daily Archive: November 24, 2016

Who is Doing the Rethinking? (ME)

colon-readyWell, not quite ready yet. Told my doctor that I had stated in here that I would tell her to think again. She accepted that and then allowed me the silence to think again myself as she wrote up some notes.  Including a prescription for iron tablets which was not needed when I went to the chemist; also picking up a new COPD puffer stuff.  Smart lady, my doctor. and I get a hug on leaving.

Am not going to linger here as I have a book which has kept me awake until after two this morning – and I have a meeting at the Writer’s Centre this morning – the one I had the dream about a couple of days ago. Settling back now for first coffee. And better check blood pressure. I bet underlying anxiety is going to have it through the roof. What are the symbols ???***!!! for BUGGER.