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Daily Archive: November 20, 2016

Dark Matter Matters

This is the title which got me out of bed. Maybe I should have changed it before writing? I will come back to that. I promise. My head was full of discussion until I opened the blinds, turned off the fan, turned on the computer, the kettle, bathroom, coffee and then found I had to reconnect the Kindle to the NBN. (First time that has happened or is it that this is the first time I have tried reading it since moving here in August?) Then laying my hands on two books which inspire this conversation. A conversation I may or may not be having with myself?

The two books are: The Upright Thinkers  Leonard Mlodinow and Leonard’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius Leonard Shlain.  And YES, it is only now as I typed them out, did I realise the commonality. And it brings to mind the recent departure by Leonard Cohen. The only thing giving me confidence to address my thinking in such company is the still clear memory of a day in a locked cell, writhing the pain of my son’s death through every muscle of my body in the absence of tears and in that space was the holding of a single hair which threaded back in time to form a link which transcended time and space. I cannot explain it.  (Get back on track, this is a diversion!)

On track.

I know, when I am reading these and others like them, much of the content is way, way beyond my comprehension let alone my understanding.  I recall being sent for a medical procedure as my GP stated the x-ray report was done by a person renowned for under-reporting. It was then I woke up to the obvious, that everyone in any specialty needs to be trained first to see, then having seen, learn to interpret that which cannot now be unseen. It seems the only reason I torture myself so is the discovery of the blind spots in their fields of knowledge; the assumptions made which allow the confidence to continue further and further down the rabbit-holes of their interests.

coffee-cup-smiley-collection-012Taking a quick break.

Okay. It is axiomatic that no one person can know everything. That the knowledge of each is built on the others past and present. That we now live in a society resting on Newton’s shoulders. (Have to close the patio door and turn on the fan – anemone nearby is cooking something which is, to me, unappetising. ) [Fuck. I will have to deal with my patio being treated like an ashtray by tenants somewhere above. Not the first time.] The annoyance. Calm down.

Shlain‘s assumption that the basis for telepathy and other paranormal fields has yet to be discovered. I nearly wept. He did not realise (according to Isabel) that he had already gone past that turnoff in the road to discovery.  The underlying key to (almost) everything is SURVIVAL. To enable survival, we humans have an inherent pattern recognition system. We use this to apprehend the symbols we use to communicate. Today, we call this ‘literacy’ as if, somehow, the illiterate are deficient in some way.

Even when lacking the capacity to read and write the written word, the illiterate still use the pattern recognition capacity of their brains.  Their patterns, the symbols used for communication, differ from the shape of alphabetical letters. But they have an ‘alphabet’ or ‘dictionary’ of their own. This works well among peoples who share a common heritage and are raised in the belief that this means that.  My fortune or misfortune about this stems from a lengthy episode of having my head in a different space while travelling around the UK. Women were trying to decode my language and tested me out with the language of flowers. Unfortunately my internal language seems to have a base in visual puns on written words or learning my own symbols by experience. An example, following an experience, I now know/believe that should I ‘see’ – have a vision – call it what you like – of someone descending on an elevator, my task is to prevent a suicide by just being there until that moment passes.

Sorry, the cigarettes out on the patio are really beginning to get to me.

Unless some Higher Power intervenes, I will be back tomorrow. And if there is no Higher Power, then ….. who knows what is around the corner?

Whoops. Dark Matter Matters? I think I understand the concept even if I will never be sufficiently literate in the field of physics. The extent of my thinking/beliefs is that humans live within an invisible beehive; that we have in abstract the structure developed by other eusocial beings such as bees and wasps. The plotting process for my books is based on the hexagon. An example:




Almost time for the Insiders.