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Are You over 55 Years of Age?

Posting this to clarify an earlier post    http://wp.me/p86PWf-bV  about wet macular degeneration. Fell into the trap of thinking other people automatically understand what one means.

The grid shown in the earlier post is an example.

For the real thing download this http://www.mdfoundation.com.au/resources/1/amsler_grid.pdf

Print it out and put in on your fridge door.

WMD: Not Weapons of Mass Destruction but Wet Macular Degeneration

Just as well I have one of these charts on my fridge. Being previously alerted to changes experienced by the left eye, I have been able to catch the development of WMD – Wet Macular Degeneration in the right eye. So, suddenly a rearrangement of priorities and allocation of funds. No longer can I defer the completion of my major novel until just before the lid is nailed down as reduced vision will likely impact on my ability put words down on screen or paper. The maintenance of my eyesight is slightly more important than knees, hips and general ability to get about but I think I will be able to manage the additional eye injections as well as gym membership.

I most thoroughly recommend that everyone  print out an Amsler Grid (or get one from your optician) as the early signs can so easily be overlooked. If you see even the slightest distortion of the straight lines of a grid – take heed. Don’t wait until the lines bend in all directions and darkened areas show up. 

Early detection enables the condition to be stabilised, so earlier the better. When one eye is affected the chances of both are 50%. Not in the mood to search probabilities if a family member has or had it – my mother did and I now kick myself as I never thought to ask whether both eyes were affected.  But it seems the days of listening to books may come sooner than ever I thought – which would mean those blanketey hearing aids. Ah well. Still alive and kicking and the alternative not yet welcome.

OUCH!!! Recuperating.

According to Garmin Connect, I was in bed for nine hours last night, four hours deep sleep and four hours light sleep. The remaining hour was spent dealing with cramp in one and then the other leg. Too much cycling, too soon, but then that is how I learn my boundaries – by going over them.

I could have gone to the gym around the corner this morning, but I didn’t. Just didn’t. No excuse. Did check the seat on the bike is at the proper height, rearranged placement parking bay. Going to be a hot one. Blinds closed, air-con on. Resting, resting, resting.

Whoever you are, wherever you are – have a good day doing that which most rewards you.

Saga of the Cycles – and I Don’t Mean Bi-polar

It was only 12 days ago I told my doctor I planned on buying myself a bicycle – all the better to return home from the gym after a workout and swim. Shock and polite horror elicited a promise to try one out at SA cycles before committing to a purchase. Did that and wibbled wobbled to a frightening extent, but on reflection thought it might be the shape of the bike. All that leaning forward instead of sitting upright. But then went on to test a trike; found as long as I sat up straight and did not use weight to steer, all seemed okay. Luckily my bank balance was as good as empty so unable to take any action. Just as well. A friend posted a comment to an earlier post, sharing a relative’s experience with a trike, which I took on board. Do not touch. Do not go there. Waste of money.

Then in my letterbox came a flyer for a gym situated just around the corner from home. Ten free days until the end of the year. So, would I need transport home after a workout?

The gym http://www.yourworldfitness.com.au/ is splendidly equipped and the staff very helpful. At the end of free session, a special offer of $199 for three months looks good. BUT the water area is a deep warm spa next to a freezing cold tub – neither of which I could see myself using for a full hydrotherapy session – taking care of ancient hips and knees. After the three month special, the fee rocketed which would have been OUCH.

Went to a bike shop in Hindmarsh Square hoping to test out my balancing, but the sit-up shape I fancied was not in stock. Back home and Googled, Found these guys out on Main North Road. Plan was to bus there and check out my balance. Double checked my bank balance first and LO and BEHOLD my UK part-pension has been paid in already. Tried a couple of bikes for size and chose a smaller one for it seemed more comfortable as I whizzed around their parking/testing area. Yippedy doodah. Selected a helmet, front and rear baskets, pump and had to backtrack on the security chain and pay cash for a short-term cheapie as that which remained in my account is so close to zero…but worth the intake of breath as I will be able to go the distance to https://all-opening-hours.com.au/01865395/Fitness_on_Flinders – but will have to go in daylight  and wait on the purchase of lights rather than rely on reflectors. Whole range of temptations now open to me and that is the one thing I cannot resist. Once I have lights, I could emulate this morning’s routine – stopped arguing with myself at 3:30am, booted the computer, straight into the novel, completing one scene and well into the next; then around the corner at 5:30 to be the first client and played around with various upper body workout machines. Good sweat, on with a cardigan walked back home and a very early breakfast, bit more writing, news on TV while waiting to check out the final bike shop.


Took the side roads from Main North Road, down into Walkerville then into North Adelaide and wishing I had read the manual regarding gears and pushed from near the Uni to North Terrace, down Pulteney to Pirie, Pirie over King Willaim into Waymouth then turn the corner into the garage. Found a park to lock bike to then struggled to relocate the rear basket a bit more to the rear. A few wibbly wobbles on the way but nothing much and for a first go for some time am really pleased with myself. Don’t think I frightened too many motorists.

(Trying to recall the last time I rode a bike. Must have been when doing the swim and bike leg of a half marathon when living in Norseman.  Fifteen years?)

Thanks Darryl, for putting the bike together

ensuring I was ship-shape

and ready to go.

Getting Around

Now wanting to locate one of these to try out before committing to purchase. Affordable option on line and my brother willing to assemble, but we both have previous experience of these not being as easy to ride as one thinks. Many years ago – late 90’s – I bought one secondhand from a Salvos op-shop and concluded the frame must be a bit distorted – or something – as I kept steering into the gutter.

This is where I would really like to be at but have to accept those days are past.

Unhappy v Not Happy

Searched for an image to best express my feelings this morning.

Started with ‘not happy’ and was confronted with a plethora of platitudinous crap floating among images of anger. For that is where the attitude of ‘not happy’ comes from – unresolved anger. Resolve my anger? I would not know where to start.

I accept one can change an attitude by a change of thinking – I grew up with Pollyanna – put a smile on your face and find the silver lining. Did that until it became a habit which masked unhappiness.

‘Unhappy’ is not an attitude, but an intermittent but persistent mood. One of the facets which reflect an inner feeling. After all, “laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” I have been in that laughing space and the most memorable thing about it is that I cannot remember what triggered the laughter, with whom, when or where. I just know that I laughed until it hurt. But I cry alone.

But that is not the reason I decided to create a new post today. Someone elsewhere expressed concern that I had not posted in here for some days, worried for my welfare. I live alone and, like many older persons, am aware of the possibility of being found dead.

So here I am, reassuring at least one reader that I am alive and reasonably well. I have been going to the gym for an upper body workout followed by time in the pool – hydrotherapy exercises and a swim – coming out when I crinkle or cramp.

The gym is now open; time to dress, breakfast and take a leisurely stroll.

My Kindle Kollection: Books About Writing By Writers

read-write-stephen-kingThis is a list of categories into which my ebooks are saved and stored..

Number of books listed under

Writing 41, General Writing Advice 15, Plotting 11 which includes 6 on plot construction alone, Publishing 25, Marketing 20 and Graphics 9 ( for the time in my life when I may – perhaps – master the concept of playing with pictures instead of words.)

How many of these does one really need? My trouble is they each, and every one, contain specks of gold-dust and some with gold-flakes and, less often, a nugget of new information. When is enough enough?

Summoning some courage to dispute the notion stated by Stephen King.

The time needed for reading is many years before you start to write.  

The time for writing is when you have a story to tell.

How well you can tell your story then rests on how well you can translate the telling into writing.

Most tools you need to write are elicited from early reading and stored in the pattern recognition toolbox in your brain. Other tools are acquired – spelling and formal grammar – many writers manage to escape the need for these and become the grist for the mills of Editors. (Books I have but not included in the above account.)

There comes a time when the reading about writing has to stop, giving way to writing for a reader – and who that is will become another topic on another day.

I thought I had stopped adding to my Kindle Kollection when realising so much ground had already been covered within other purchases when I found declining informational value of new purchases


giving way to temptation and buying a Kindle copy of The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth.  Not only great fun to read, but now contributing to setting myself some essay construction challenges for the coming year.


PS. As an aside, I am still recovering from overdoing things at the gym/swim the other day, sitting here on my 77th birthday and slowly releasing my stroppy, bossy nature. No-one said anyone HAD to write. If writing is not fun or to some clear purpose, go outside, enjoy the day and say hello to a stranger, I did.




Walk, gym, swim, walk! Overdoing.

exhaustedReaction from having a thorough session on the machines and then swimming until cramp says ‘stop’. Walking is 20 minutes there and

t w e n t y back. Plod, plod, plod.

Seriously considering buying a bicycle upon which I will make sure there is the necessary bell. Woke weary, done very little and looking forward to an early night.emjoy-thumbs-up

Words Writers Want (need) to Read

woof-big-ears-feedback-750-300x225Hi Isabel

Thanks for your book – I’m glad I entered that competition!

I enjoyed your poems, almost all of which stirred the emotions, which is what they’re meant to do! Good blend of fun ones and those deep, darkish ones. My favourites? Knew you’d ask. I particularly liked Desert Child, Nonsense and Northam 1958.

Thanks for sharing your work – and keep writing! (If I Could Spin)


Hands up, this story is way above my head. It is a wise complicated set of beliefs and anecdotal life philosophies, that I tried to stay with but couldn’t. I admire the writing and the thought processes that have gone into the work, but for me I couldn’t keep up with it. That is only an opinion I like to read without too much hard work. (Earning Purple)
Well done.


Hello Isabel,

I am off to bed now with nothing to read. ;o( But I wanted to be sure that you received my feedback of “The Trustees” before I slipped away into my dreamtime.

Here is a link to the post that I shared https://plus.google.com/115175889440746530772/posts/RAmUeki7EYT I hope that you enjoy the pictures that I chose to compliment your wonderful story. I am sure that they are a bit off, as we all see different within our minds eye. I really enjoyed the book more than words. I even read a bit to my son, Sky. And he too enjoyed the small bits of the story that I shared with him. Before he fell asleep he asked me to share with you that he too really enjoyed your story, I am including it here so that his message is honored. I will write more later.

Again, thank you so much for allowing me to journey within the visions of your Spirit. I am so grateful. You are an amazing woman and a gifted writer. I look forward to the next two within your series.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

This month after finishing George R.R. Martin’s last published piece “A Dance With Dragons” I was pretty bummed with the fact that I now had nothing to carry me to into my dreamtime. So I was really excited when Isabel Storey gifted me with the privilege to read her book “The Trustees”

I knew nothing of the book other than the title The Trustees promised a window into Estate Law. Being that I have been dealing with my late Father’s estate I looked forward to absorbing this new story.

The Trustees is an awesome read, particularly Isabel’s writing style. Her use of words and accents are full of flavor that brings her story to life and will make you feel as if home is South of the Equator.

You will find each of her characters lovable, as you join them in their search for truth. She has away of sharing their private lives with just a few words that stir up their deepest emotions. You can’t help relating to each and every one of them, while wondering if there is some truth to these fictitious characters.

Journey into the lives of old families who possess both power and good fortune. More specifically the consequences of lost family heritage from the secret passions, wandering lust.and lies from men of days past. Marvel at the web of secrets that creates a ripple effect carrying forward through time continuing through generations and across continents. Watch through the eyes of Peacock & Oates, Dumfries and their fiduciary relationship to long lost clients who they themselves know not the true identity of.

Every single sentence and letter takes you a little closer to the truth and at the end leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more. Especially of the Gypsies and the unspoken bond between women that serve to protect both the lies of men and the children they bore. Behind the secrets, hidden doors and buried treasures, It’s all there, waiting for you. You will be engrossed from start to finish.

Thank you Isabel Storey for sharing your gift with me. ;o)


Good Day Isabel,feedback-1


Yea… I am so happy that you like my review. I am even more happy that you are writing more. ;o) I look forward to going back through time in your next release of the Trusts.


Please feel free to share my review anywhere you choose. It is your gift… And thank you for your kind words, I absolutely love the saying you’ve shared, and will be adding it to my bag of quotes to gift to others. Yes, I do take it as a compliment, as old blood makes us who we are.


Again, thank you for allowing me to journey with you through the story of The Trustees… And may your writings continue to flow, as these stories want to be told, they are coming through you for a reason.


Much Love and Many Blessings,






Gearing up to a New Routine

gym-1This is the first piece of equipment used within my routine- only 9kgs today; tried more but had sense to drop it back. two other pieces of equipment lifting up to 23 kgs and then some work with 3 and 4 kg dumbbells. (Trying now to recall the floor exercises I used to do in Port Lincoln.) Three rounds of 10 each then into the pool.

swimmingJoy of joys. A few hydrotherapy exercises for the ancient hips, then just potter in the pool until it became obvious the place would soon be very busy.

I am thinking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between two and four in the afternoon. Shopping on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last night I could not sleep until I had finished writing and finishing the current scene in the novel. This meant it was no longer a matter of giving into temptation – if I get into social media in the mornings, write before I go to sleep and also wake with a great idea and my thoughts steady and filled with the words and tune of “Birth of the Blues”.

Ah. All good. Now, this is where I think I could be asking how goes your day? But as I have no idea who is reading this, then I may well be talking to thin air or only to myself. I hope there are humans out there as this morning’s great idea would involve a level of interaction. Early days. Whatever. Have a great one.