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Works in Progress

Current Project

The story begins in 1865, traces four families over four generations, four countries and four cultures for 100 years. Over time, monies have been accumulating in Trust Funds created for the benefit of designated potential beneficiaries.

Am up to 1898 (as at September, 2016).

Plotting this novel

Based on heart transplants. Lots of thinking and discussion with my cardiologist over my original notions. I have come around to his point of view and the plot took an enormous twist when I wrapped my head around it. He has agreed to check out my manuscript to ensure that the facts (and other information) on which I will draw will not cause  a cardiologist to fling the book across the room in disgust.

A Mother's Darkest Imaginings

In the absence of hearing updates and doings of one's offspring, some mothers - and I am one of them - engage in the darkest of worries. Looking back, I wonder what my mother thought I was up to in the long gaps between letters? Hmmm.

An indication of my capacity to save.

Over the years I have acquired editing software which, I hope, will help me produce books which will contain even fewer typos than found in my recent library book readings. One thing which causes me great concern is a lack of graphic design capability.

Help and Suggestions Sought

If you have gifts - such as graphic design, proof-reading at a really picketty level I would love to hear from you to work out some kind of collaboration which, goes without saying but I will say it, will be acknowledged and credited.

I am always amazed at the long lists of names of those being thanked for their contribution to a publication. I think I am too much of a recluse to ever gather such a multitude.

So, if you have skills and willing to come on board, please, please contact me.

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