Poet Posing on Prose Platform

If I Could Spin

If I could spin

I would spin a mistfine-web

of silk floating free

to enclose the moment.

If I could weave

the world would turn

from my tapestry and weep.

If I could sing

the song would lift

from the marrow of my limbs

soundless and eternal.

If I could dance

the soft velvet of the night

would flow forever.


With fingertips together

peep into praying palms

there’s the spinning and the weaving

and the singing and the dancing

and the kissing and the loving

and the joy of holding you.

There’s the sheer exhilaration

and tremendousness of living

and the passion and the tenderness

which tightens round the chest.

I can only shake my heahands

in laughing wonder

and say. “Thank you.”