Poet Posing on Prose Platform

Those of you aboard my ship

prepare yourselves for a long, long trip.

Do not grumble as we pass the shore.

This is what I ask you

be thankful for the rescue

as I sail the seven seas forevermore.


Settle in for a long, long ride.

Your fare is paid with all your pride.

Know the measure of the ticket you have bought.

Travel now in peace or your journey will not cease

and do not leave this ship before your port.


When you sit down at my table

teach me all that you are able

add your store of knowledge to my hoard.

My ship is called “The Comet”, I shall live my life upon it

Only through learning am I never bored.


Once I sailed this ship alone

searching for my final home

then was told that this was not to be.

Now I understand the message, I carry those who need a passage,

Devil’s refugees on a rescued Destiny.


Those who were stolen, snared or sold

can throw their cargo in my hold

as they jump from the dark side of the moon.

I keep a peaceful ship for the quarrelsome soon slip

on decks holystoned to Heaven’s tune.


There will be times you are afraid

and think mistake has been made

as I steer into the dark of darkest awe,

but in all worlds must be seen, my lanterns red and green

as I sail the seven seas forevermore.