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Getting Around

Now wanting to locate one of these to try out before committing to purchase. Affordable option on line and my brother willing to assemble, but we both have previous experience of these not being as easy to ride as one thinks. Many years ago – late 90’s – I bought one secondhand from a Salvos op-shop and concluded the frame must be a bit distorted – or something – as I kept steering into the gutter.

This is where I would really like to be at but have to accept those days are past.

  • Hi Isabel
    The steering of these things hasn’t improved at all. With two fixed rear wheels it is impossible to steer unless you are going straight on a very flat surface. Any camber or sharpish bends and you are lost. My brother in law bought one recently, same problem. He gave it up very quickly. I wouldn’t waste money on it as you will be disappointed. Don’t know why they keep making them this way.

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