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Home, Sweet Home



Once, way back in the 70’s I had a clear dream of living in marbled halls – years before I heard any version or read the lyrics.

Just walking into the foyer – then into the mirrored lifts with marble floors – I just KNEW I had come home. The building it titled “Vision on Morphett” and the pub around the corner is called “The Publishers”.


Head All Over The Place

scatterbrainThis an apt description when waking this morning. Two clear dreams, each seemingly with a message to decode. Each line of thought leading to others, etc – you know how it goes. Still in bed and with each decision to think about what is on the agenda for the day producing yet another line of thought more and more notions. Maybe the best idea is to get out of bed and sleepwalk through the basic routine – open blinds, turn on computer, water in kettle, kettle on stove, bathroom and start thinking there?

I wonder how many also find being sat on that seat to be a moment of mental clarity? 

On with the day. Doctors, library, shopping, take cheque to eye specialist and consider whether time and energy enough to join the gym.

What are your first moves on waking?

Monday morning – not as planned. (Amended)

Monday morning. Slow to surface after a warm night. Have had the fan going all night, but withstand the temptation to switch the setting to ‘cool’. Deferring gratification? The more I can save on electricity costs the more I can fritter after the bill comes in. I know what the current account amounts to – after a phone call – which has enabled me to pay off the NBN connection charge levied against new builds – which is refundable from my landlord and the property manager promises a cheque later this week.  Gives me a while to spend it several times over in my head. Why am I waffling on about this? Not my intervention when sat at the desk. No, I had gone back to bed with a book after checking my Google calendar on the phone, thinking about the entry for Thursday – City Writers at the SA Writer’s Centre.  Then, just as I was settling into a read, I recalled the dream clear in my mind this morning.

I dreamt I  was attempting to read to a group; apologising for needing to place the text in context (my inner interpretation = con(text) leaves con which is not on) then scrambled through my memory of all my note books and found nothing, then resurrected the carbon copy of a play I had written during Drama 1 in 1978 and started in to read that.

I still have the copy and decided I could take that should I, on my first attendance, be required to read.  BUT have just done a very quick search on where it should be and it now seems that will be the task for the day. Have hunted through a load of useless notes and not yet found it. Surely, I cannot have thrown it away after all this time?




Will return with, I hope, good news.







Without turning everything upside down. Such a relief.

Dream: President elect

Judge not on what is SAID, but on what is DONE.

Woke this morning having had a conversation with in a dream with Donald Trump. I “told” him we have much in common. He raised his eyebrows. then I mentioned the IQ# told me by a friend who had a friend at the hospital where my IQ was tested. What we could have in common is that we are both considered to be mad by many people OR (and?) brilliant?

Fact is,  people are persuaded by EMOTION, not argument however rational the discussion.  What he has done in unleashing emotion in all is to show the world the depths of hate from within to those purporting to be ‘left’ ‘liberals’.

I am not upset or disgusted by this election. It brought to mind the performance of an earlier Acting Chairman of SANTOS. Alex Carmichael earned a reputation of getting things done after throwing a fruity/fruities at management meetings. Also reminded of how an american owned firm in Adelaide was (back in the 80’s) required by their Head Office to sack one third of their staff every three months. First tranche got rid of the dead wood, the second cleaned it up but the third time round had the Adelaide manager nervous about his job unless he unfairly sacked many.

Rationality is the product of coming to terms with the outcome of emotional actions.

So far, we are not yet able to judge Donald Trump without a full awareness of the differences between what he says and what he does. A panelist on last night’s Q&A supports him, citing his real bebaviour in appointing women to high office within his organisation/s.

What I really want to know is “What will Malcolm do” if Trump decides those interned on Manus and Nauru are too damaged for the US Health system to cope with. I really hope that Trump forces Malcolm to do what should have been done in the first place – bring them on-shore, process them here and let them get on with a future.

From the Guardian


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